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Oluwafemi ONI

Sustainability Chair

+234 8160749806

The responsibilities of Sustainability Committee include:-

  • Develop and coordinate a chapter sponsored Community Sustainability project with a Non-Profit organization to help local charities lower cost related to HVAC & R and make a difference in the community

  • Ensure that organized events are publicized within the normal chapter advertisements

  • Encourage ASHRAE members to share their engineering knowledge to improve the world around them

  • Work in collaboration with Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) to organize educational Seminar having and sustainability theme ( Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, High Performance Buildings, bEQ etc)

  • Facilitate and Coordinate Chapter Sponsored presentation to local, State or Provincial government entity servicing the chapter area ( e.g School Board, State or Provincial legislative committee, State or Provincial Agency, City Council, County board e.t.c) on Sustainability or Energy related topics

  • Promote to the chapter members Professional Development Hours (PDHs) on Building Science topic related to Sustainability

  • Work in collaboration with CTTC to have Sustainability related speakers at monthly chapter meetings

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